best gaming chair under 100

best gaming chair under 100

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TOP 7 gaming chairs in 2021. Review of the best and worthy models
For maximum immersion in the world of the game, comfort is imperative. After all, if you are constantly distracted by inconveniences, you cannot fully enjoy the world of video games. In the past, rarely did anyone think about the comfort during the game, especially if they were going to a company or the whole family ...

best gaming chair under 100

The members of the group were located, as a rule, haphazardly. During the era of consoles, a very voluminous TV box with a picture tube was placed on an equally heavy pedestal stand. Moving such an array was not easy. In addition, very often the length of the wire from the joystick to the attachment was about half a meter, and it was impossible to reach a comfortable sofa or armchair with comfort in principle. In an attempt to make the pastime a little more comfortable, pillows were used, which at that time replaced much more comfortable chairs. Although much more often everyone just landed on the floor near the console.

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Top 7 best gaming chairs
7. Best Ergonomic Chair - Samurai S-3
6. Best computer chair - Everprof Deco
5. Gaming chair with folding armrests - Everprof Ergo
4. Chair for gamers - Arozzi Monza
3. Best Computer Chair - Everprof Wing TM
2. Gaming chair - DXRacer
1. Gaming chair with rocking function - WARP
Of course, everyone understands that the player holding the gamepad cared little about comfort. In addition, the joystick itself was often made of cheap plastic, and therefore, after ten minutes of active play, it always strove to slip out. Children were allowed to play for about half an hour a day, and therefore the "hook" pose was not too critical for them. But after all, the parents did not mind relieving stress after a hard day and playing a game, often playing for much longer than 30 minutes. And naturally, many of them later faced the problem "how now, in fact, to straighten out?"

Years passed, and the huge TV boxes were replaced by thin plasma panels. Gamepads gained wireless communication and became possible to sit on a far-away sofa or armchair. The gaming audience has expanded significantly, new devices for games and gamers themselves are constantly appearing on the market. And even for the most picky players, comfort has become not just a must, but an integral part. In the modern market, there is a whole series of products that fall under the category of "gaming chairs", and we will talk about them now.

What is such a chair for?
Top 7 best gaming chairs
As you can imagine, having knowledge of the mass of different functions, it is very easy to get confused in the store when choosing a chair. Therefore, below, we have tried for you to systematize the main types of chairs that any gamer will be happy with. Let there be conditionally the main 4 categories and their best models.

Simple armchairs
Suitable for people who want to get a sufficient amount of functionality and convenience for little money.

Such a chair most of all resembles an office one, a more interesting design is possible . In terms of shape, it can be in the form of a bowl or even like a guest chair, which you often see in offices.

Is this chair suitable for a gamer? It is difficult to answer unequivocally. But if you are disciplined enough, always keep your back straight even when sitting on a stool, then this option will work for you. But if during the game you involuntarily change the position to "bent", then this option is not for you. In addition, the design of such a chair does not provide for any additional bells and whistles , such as changing the position of the armrests, the presence of cushions and pads, and adjusting the height and tilt of the back of the chair.

Conclusion: as a budget option is quite suitable. But you can forget about additional bonuses. Such models are sold in almost all furniture stores.

TOP gaming chairs of high comfort and ergonomics
Already wider, much better and more varied. Chairs with increased comfort are not at all a throne for the player, but an excellent solution for everyone who spends a lot of time at the monitor. Most of these chairs are "mesh" and ergonomic with a much finer adjustment of the backrest and height .

Some models have armrest adjustment. However, with additional features, everything is just as unimportant as in the previous version. Although in this case you may not be afraid about the health of your back, because most of the chairs have orthopedic properties .

By the way, mesh models are almost the most optimal solution in terms of ergonomics. It is very difficult to "stick" to such a chair, soft elements do not "sit", and cleaning its surface after a spilled liquid is not at all difficult. Although they do not have the sheen of the luxury versions, they are much more functional and mobile.

7. Best Ergonomic Chair - Samurai S-3
Samurai S 3: photo

The ergonomic mesh armchair Samurai S-3 is very popular with customers. We can say that today there are no competitors for it in this price and quality range. Functional characteristics allow you to customize the chair to fit your parameters.

Dr Anatom tested chairs

Thanks to the unique multi-block mechanism, the seat with backrest folds out and locks in sync. Its padded armrests are adjustable in rotation, height and spacing. The headrest of this model can also be adjusted in three planes. The chair itself is upholstered in a mesh fabric with very durable aramid fibers. For a relatively low cost, you can get a chair with many effective features and a stunning appearance.
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